The collection transmits the energy of creativity and environmental action to future generations.

Vans, the skateboarding house brand, is proud to launch the Eco Positivity collection in response to and honour Earth Day. Understand the environment’s problems and get inspired by today’s global movement. Vans are more vital than ever on the sustainable, futuristic fashion track. Continue to promote inspiration in the movement of using “green” recycled and environmentally friendly materials, together creating a fashion model that is more and more sustainable in the future.

This collection is a big boom for the Vans family because of the variety of models, from shoes to accessories. The Eco Positivity collection incorporates elements of organic and recycled materials into both footwear and clothing. The central panel that makes up the collection includes 48% organic cotton and 47% hemp.



Eco Positivity boasts an all-new EcoCush™ imprint printed inside the sock liner, ensuring maximum comfort and mobility with a moulded heel and arched design. Along with that is the EcoWaffle™ outsole made by Vans from a natural rubber compound instead of using synthetic rubber derived from vegetable oils and obtained from legal rubber sources and in compliance with regulations. Ethics as well as sustainability to minimize harm to the natural ecosystem. This new rubber compound was developed and engineered to maintain the grip and durability that Vans is known for.

Included in the Eco Positivity collection and the extreme shoes above, there are also bags and jackets, accessories and accessories the collection that are also built on the spirit of sustainable fashion with careful selection and consideration. Between materials.

Inspired by classic cereal bags, the Vans fashion house has been upgraded to a fashionable jacket with natural colours, vivid patterns, and positive phrases like “We Bloom Together” and “Make A Difference, Be the Change, Act Locally”.

The future of the planet is being determined by our every behaviour today. As a brand representing the youth, Vans assumes the responsibility of pioneering environmental protection for future generations, striving to create a brighter future for the environment and community by working towards more and more sustainable fashion products based on the spirit of “Off the wall”.

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